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K9 Clubhouse provides a wide range of top-quality pet services to ensure your furry friend is happy, healthy, and well-cared for.

With our experienced, professional team, you can trust that your pet is receiving the best care possible. And with our exceptional grooming services, your pet will look and feel their absolute best.


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Pricing based on size of dog & coat condition


Treat your pet to a brush coat, precise nail trimming or dremeling, ear cleaning (including gentle plucking), stylish paw pad shaving, a sanitary shave for ultimate comfort, topped off with a refreshing bath and a professional blow-dry. 

Your pet will not only look fabulous but feel fantastic too!

Short Haired          $40-100

Long Haired          $45-110

Double Coated     $55-125


Indulge your pet with our comprehensive grooming package! 

We offer a luxurious brush coat, meticulous nail trimming or dremeling, thorough ear cleaning with gentle plucking, precise paw pad shaving, a soothing sanitary shave, followed by a refreshing bath and professional blow-dry. Enhance your pet's style with optional cut, trim, or a full-body shave, ensuring they leave looking and feeling their absolute best!



*For poodles, bichons, doodles, curly or double coated breeds*

Elevate your pet's grooming experience with our deluxe package!

Enjoy a thorough brush coat, precise nail trimming or dremeling, meticulous ear cleaning with gentle plucking, stylish paw pad shaving, a soothing sanitary shave, followed by a relaxing bath and professional blow-dry. Opt for a distinctive touch with our breed-specific cut, ensuring your furry friend leaves looking impeccably groomed and tailored to their unique charm!



Indulge your young pup in a delightful grooming session designed just for them! Our puppy spa experience is tailored for furballs aged 6 months and younger, ensuring a gentle and enjoyable introduction to grooming.

Our expert groomers specialize in pampering your little one with a soothing bath using puppy-friendly products, leaving their coat soft and shiny. We prioritize comfort during the gentle brush and blow-dry, highlighting their natural fluffiness.

Nail trims are handled with care, and we'll check ears, eyes, and teeth to keep your puppy feeling their best. Our sessions are quick and stress-free, aiming to create positive grooming experiences from the start.

Customizable packages are available to suit your puppy's unique needs and style preferences. Make grooming a joyous routine for your furry friend. Book a puppy spa day now and let the tail-wagging cuteness shine!


Add-ons & Spaw Packages available

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